Rinomina : Courage! Near Infra Red


6 December 2018

Rinomina is glad to present ‘Courage! Near Infrared’, a project curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas, who called colleagues to propose ideas for art works that would be made under instructions, appealing to the freedom of interpretation, attempting to recognize the possibility of renaming reality through sharing, risking together and playing with language so to create knowledge no matter how. Another crucial part of the project is to make art using no money, but time and energy. The works, produced by the gallery directors, artists Daniela Baldelli and Markus Lichti, will be in display in the gallery from December 6 to January 14, with visits by appointment.

First time I read the word PedXing, some years ago, it wasn’t the meaning that attracted me, but the very fact that it was written on the floor, on asphalt properly speaking. Not being English my mother language, nor Chinese, as I thought that word was, I went -not interpreting, but abducting, more precisely speaking- constructing stories for every single word that I kept finding, deliberately escaping from connotation or sense, in a logical or linear way. Instead, it became a constant activity for not making, in the context of efficient post Capitalism, but for wasting time, and some times space, which for me means ‘sculptural activity’.

When I first heard of Rinomina, as a word also, I tried hardly not to understand the meaning of this term, pretending that maybe both Daniela and Markus invented it for not-necessary-to-know reasons, as I think all human concepts were fabricated: oyster, taxi, lint, pea, kangaroo, gringo, kilo, Gesamtkunstwerk, aguacate, god, Poilâne, yoga, courage, infrared.

Then, as I always do, I translated the word into whatever it could be, of course not meaning a single thing on its own, but as many things or circumstances as possible. 

Renaming, finding the same possibility in all action, coated by the warmth of friendship and complicity, we called a barrel of monkeys, a flock of seagulls, a swarm of bugs, a school of yellow-tailed guys, to send us ideas for artworks to be produced with no money, to dialogue together in the generous space of Rinomina gallery, this December. Come see what happened...

Abraham Cruzvillegas

With: Álvaro Bayo Aburto, Cynthia Gutiérrez Álvarez, Lorena Ancona, Alejandra Avilés, Victoire Barbot, Celeste Carballo, Tony Cruz, Débora Delmar, Cristóbal Gracia, Rodrigo Hernández, Philipe Hernandez, Valentina Jager, HaeAhn Kwon, J.S. Levario, Lourdes Martínez / Rodrigo Echeverria, Irak Morales, Hugo Montoya, Jesús Bubu Negrón, Abraham González Pacheco, Athenea Papacostas, Ben Rivera, Alicia Riccio, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Ariel Schlesinger, Susano Solís, Emanuel Tovar, Israel Urmeer / Agustina Leal, Michelle Hernandez Vega, Nicolás Paris Vélez, Alejandra Venegas, Tilsa Otta Vildoso, Noémie Vulpian, Jazael Olguín Zapata