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Rinomina : Équivalences


Antoenetta Marinov, 2016 Sound

11 December 2015

The Sound of Things Seen, touched, and used – this is how we encounter everyday objects. The work of Antoanetta Marinov also coaxes out another dimension: their sound. A single stroke can bring them into oscillation. Receptacles are not only objects, they are three-dimensional volumes with the ability to resonate. The artist has arranged an assortment of everyday receptacles into a still life. In the 17th century, painted still lifes connect temporality and eternity with the supreme moment of the here and now. 

Antoanetta Marinov is visual artist, literary scholar and curator. She has studied art at the Fine Art Academy in Karlsruhe and Literature at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy in Rom. Master scholar of Silvia Bächli she has shown her work, focusing on minimal space interventions and in art in public spaces was shown in various international contexts amongst other at Galerie Stella, A. Hippolyte Gallery, Kunsthaus Baselland, Halfhouse Barcelona. 

With: Antoanetta Marinov