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Rinomina : Noted alternation, alternate notation


30 September 2015

Daniela Baldelli (*1977) is an artist based in Paris since 2010. She studied at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe. As much as Baldelli selects and removes objects from their original context and interprets them anew, she endorses the reincorporation of the objects and/or sculptures back into an everyday scenario once withdrawn from the temporary exhibition situation. Her work thus opens up for the changing and transformative nature of life, and, by merging the present and the past simultaneously projects an undefined future moment. Her installation and performances were exhibited at various galleries and institutions in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen and Milan.

Markus Lichti (*1980 in Speyer/Germany) studied at the Staatlichen Akademie der bildenden Künste Karlsruhe and lives in Paris since 2010. His work shifts along the borders touching language, turning space, distracting utility in order to sharpen the edges for the perception of the spectator to be cut. He made contributions to group and solo exhibitions amongst others at Arratia Beer, Berlin, castillo/corrales, Paris, Couloir, Hamburg und Thomas Dane gallery, London.

With: Daniela Baldelli & Markus Lichti