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Rinomina : Timothy's Double


28 October 2017

Rinomina is glad to invite you for the presentation of TIMOTHY’S DOUBLE, the new collection of Julia Heuer. Julia Heuer is best known for her extensive experience in print design and artisanal Arashi Shibori tie-dye pleating techniques. The result is an aesthetic that playfully mixes bold patterns, hand-crafted textiles and timeless simplicity. This event marks Heuer’s premiere prêt-à-porter collection at Paris Fashion Week. 
Julia Heuer is an apparel brand that features dynamic prints and artisanal, hand-made plissé. Before launching her eponymous fashion line, she was the head of print design for renown textile company Jakob Schlaepfer. During her tenure, she created unique prints for various fashion houses, such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons, Calvin Klein and others. Most recently, Julia Heuer was awarded the prestigious Swiss Design Prize 2016 for her collection Adobe Indigo. A key component of Heuer’s designs lies in her process, where she illustrates print stories directly onto raw fabric before applying the Japanese tie-dying pleating technique of Arashi Shibori. This is the starting point of all collections and the reason for their unique aesthetic. 

With: Julia Heuer