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Rinomina : Air Talking


23 June 2017

The performance Air Talking is born in 2012 in the frame of a wider project called S.A.V.E., created by Ambra Pittoni & Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano and presented in different venues (Lucie Fontaine, FARE, Museo del Novecento, Careof). In 2016, the performance has been presented in the frame of the project Fansub by Clog in Turin in occasion of the publication of the italian version of the Air Talking Manual. In april 2017, the Air Talking's performance has been presented at the contemporary art center De Appel in Amsterdam as part of the project "Why Is Everybody Being so Nice?", together with a workshop investigating the notion of economy of presence intitled Behaviour as Strike: The Practice of "Presencelessness". 
For its passage at Rinomina, the lecture-performance will come with the exhibition of the original drawings and the release of the english version of the manual Air Talking. 

Ambra Pittoni (*1978, Borgomanero) & Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano (*1980, Paris) are a couple of artists collaborating since 2009, based in Paris and Turin. Their works involve Performance as a broader frame for research, production’s process, and narration. Thus, both their artistic practices and output are proteiform, mutative, hence difficult to categorize, as they often employ heterogeneous knowledge and media. Nevertheless, underground scenarios, peculiar themes and aesthetics, can be uncovered: the question of fiction as reality, of circumstance as matter, the propensity to invent new disciplines proposed as shared practices and collective experiences. Most of their projects span long periods, even years. They showed and performed their works at De Appel (Amsterdam), Museo del Novecento (Milan), Museo MAGA (Gallarate), CCA Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw), Exile gallery (Berlin), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut), PAV (Turin), Spazio Barriera (Turin), Lucie Fontaine (Milan), Careof / Docva (Milan), Art-o-Rama Art Fair (Marseille), Clog (Torino), FARE (Milan), Lavanderie a vapore (Collegno), Roberta (Frankfurt), Museo Apparente (Naple, IT) 

With: Ambra Pittoni, Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano