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Rinomina : A A A Effizienz


20 April 2024

Welcome to "AAA Effizienz," an extraordinary exhibition that delves into the dynamic intersection of body and power within the realm of sports and the Olympic Games. This curated collection features the works of Anita Ndake Boda, offering a unique perspective on the intrinsic connection between the human body, athleticism, and the societal dynamics surrounding these themes.

Anita Ndake Boda, multimedia installations focus on the rituals and traditions embedded in the world of sports.Through video projections and soundscapes, Ndake Boda examines how these rituals contribute to the construction of power dynamics in sports culture. By deconstructing and reimagining these rituals, Ndake Boda prompts us to question the societal structures that influence our perceptions of body and power in sports.


Anita Ndake Boda, born in Kenya in 1993, her artistic praxis is a reflection of her cross-cultural experiencesin her installations she explore themes of identity, diversity, and the interconnectedness of power. Each piece tells a story that transcends borders, inviting viewers to contemplate the shared human experience.

Anita Ndake Boda is a young and promising artist hailing from Kenya, known for her groundbreaking work at the dynamic intersection of body and power within the realm of sports. Born in Nairobi, she grew up immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of Kenya, drawing inspiration from her heritage and traditions. Her fascination with the human body's capabilities and its symbolic representation in the world of sports became a central theme in her work. In her installations, Anita often explores the physical and psychological aspects of athleticism, challenging societal norms and power structures within sports. Her work delves into the nuanced relationships between the body, identity, and authority, sparking thought-provoking conversations about gender, race, and social justice. Anita Ndake Boda's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries has garnered attention both locally and internationally. Her installations have been featured in prominent art galleries, museums, and cultural events. As a young artist, she continues to evolve her praxis, using her platform to advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and the reimagining of traditional narratives in contemporary art.

Anita Ndake Boda's journey as an artist serves as an inspiration for the next generation, encouraging them to explore the intersections of tradition, technology, and societal dynamics in their artistic endeavors. As she continues to carve her path in the art world, Anita remains a trailblazer, redefining the conversation around the body and power in the context of sports and culture.

With: Anita Ndake-Boda